Bubble bath, new book, tea and then I’m turning off the internet and going to bed. Maybe.

I have spent £32 on prescriptions in the last five days (£24 at once today) and I am trying to placate myself by breathing deeply and repeating the mantra of “NHS NHS NHS” because things could be a lot worse and I’m lucky it was only £32.


Jose Maria Cruz Novillo & Olmos matchboxes for Fosforos del Pirineo, late 60’s
Águila (eagle). Buho (owl). Cocodrilo (crocodile). Chimpancé (chimpanzee). Dorada (gilt-head bream). Erizo (hedgehog). Foca (seal). Galápago (galápagos tortoise). Hipopótamo (Hippopotamus). Iguana (iguana). Jabalí (wild boar). Kakatúa (Cockatoo). León (lion). Llama (llama). Mariposa (butterfly). Nécora (velvet crab). Ñu (wildebeest). Oso (bear). Pavo  Real (peacock). Quisquilla (caridean shrimp). Rinoceronte (rhinoceros). Saltamontes (grasshopper). Tigre (tiger). Urogallo (capercaillie). Vampiro (vampire). Xilófago (xylophagous). Yak (yak). Zorro (fox).cabecacoracao.wordpress.com

Kids barber chair.

Trimethoprim didn’t work and I’ve been prescribed new antibiotics but I haven’t been able to get to a chemist for the last two days and I’m getting worse and worse and have to work an hour extra today and then walk a pharmacy before I can go home and sleep. Couldn’t sleep last night because I was suddenly terrified that the furniture in the loft was going to fall through my ceiling and crush me.


Cute lil beans

These lasses are kind of a big deal.