As soon as a posted that my internet cut out and I realised I probably have a UTI so this evening is really shaping up to be a great one.

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this looks like a senior class picture of guinea pigs

The one on the bottom right looks like the grumpy elder!!!

"All these young wipper snappers and their so called seflies"



Can’t get over how perfect Megan is! Man oh man.



Heart eyes

My friend lives in Chippenham but is having her birthday party in London? And trying to tempt us there with a “whole roast suckling pig”? Nope, Londonphobic vegetarians probably stay in the west country.

I’ve woken up in so much pain and I’m too tired to try and work out if it’s just my normal pain or there’s actually something acute I need to deal with. Nope. Me and my hot water bottle are going back to sleep. Wake me up when it’s Kelsey time.