A poem entitled “I don’t like you enough to poo on your wee”

I’ve beaten my adult relationship personal best of three months and I’m celebrating by looking at recent photos and sleeping on his side of the bed.

Actually, I’m sleeping on his side of the bed because one of my most recent mattress spring induced bruises makes sitting down painful. I love sitting down.


Wherever you are, whatever time it is, somewhere in the world a guy is saying “not all men”

Moroccan feast 🍴

minicorrect I don’t have an old duvet! I bought mine when I moved to Bristol and I can’t afford to accrue extra things now in case I have to move! Going to keep flipping my mattress forever instead. I’m like the princess and the pea!

I woke up with four new bruises today but I’m still scared to ask for a new mattress. A few more months in spring city won’t do me any harm…

at The Apple
Fun (at Millenium Square, Bristol)