@thekitparade is so excited about this pizza!

I’m thinking a lot about pizza tonight. This one was a goodie.

My little heart is breaking at Tara and Giles’ duet, now I’m watching it with more context and I’m not drunk on Fran’s couch.

Look at this massive compliment! 😍
Missing this one.

Watching the Buffy musical episode is making me so sad that I had to miss tap today.

Tried to talk my conscience into letting me go to tap despite being off work sick but getting up to make a cup of tea wiped me out and now my brain is sneering at me.

I’m all gross and ill so I really want cookies and cereal and fresh milk but I feel too disgusting to leave the house and get them so I just won’t eat. Being sick when you’re an adult is horrible. I want my mum.

This time yesterday: dancing in Wales. This time today: sleeping in England.


gray wolf by Aiko Fukawa