Reviving myself after @arctangentfestival and a long nap. #food  (at CAFE RONAK)

Struggling to watch that Should I Eat Meat? Horizon documentary because the footage of all the meat frying is making me feel sick. Therefore the answer for me is still no.

Being vegetarian just gets more and more exciting!
I just love chromosomes so much! (at Science at Life)

Work all day, travel for six hours, nip into pub to see sister and two pals on their night out, try to sneak past an ex-whatever possibly unsuccessfully.

Maybe it’s good that I moved away. I never bump into any of the people I’ve slept with in Bristol, and there are more there.

I’m on the train!!! Should be interview preppin’, probably just gonna watch iPlayer and eat some crisps.

I wish this was my everyday look.

Trying to: recover from illness, pack for four days away (inc dead body exhibition, lots of food, gin, dancing, chllin’ and a flippin’ great gig… oh, and interview prep), get interview prep stuff together and dye my hair all at once. It is going okayish.

Don’t have a proper full-length mirror and won’t have one at all when getting ready at the weekend so was using my webcam as one… but.

Why can’t I just be nice?

Just found this again. No idea where these glasses have gone to, though!